Mona Larsen

Dean, Dept. of Design

Breaking the boundaries of knowledge

Thinking out of the box is the designer’s privilege. It is also an important tool and an essential method for solving complex problems. Today, designers are expected to be creative and solve problems in disciplines that are very different from their own. The MA programme at KHiB teaches students to use this outsider role as a method for solving problems. An independent mind is not characterised by what it thinks, but how it thinks. For newly-fledged designers, innovation and the will to challenge established truths are essential qualities if they are to create solutions that are relevant to society, and, at the same time, design that goes beyond the conventional.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design places great emphasis on artistic research. By this, we mean moving the boundaries of knowledge and development in the discipline of design. The master’s students at the Department of Design have been strongly involved in this development work during the two years of their programme. In addition to acquiring knowledge about materials, form, colours, aesthetics and ethics, the master’s students have had to master interdisciplinary cooperation and complex processes where empathy with people and their surroundings was the fundamental premiss for their design work. Through experimentation and investigation - and often their fair share of setbacks - the students have developed extremely convincing and comprehensive master’s projects.

As graduate students, they now stand on the threshold of their own design careers. I look forward to following their journeys out into the world with great respect and interest, a world that is full of challenges. The ability to ask questions, wonder, provoke, enrich, surprise and not take ’no’ for an answer is more important than ever. I hope that you will challenge and break with many prevailing truths in the years ahead. It is with great pleasure and pride that I present this year’s MA Degree Show in Design 2016.