Steffen Fløan Øie
994 67 896


What did you want to find out?

In my master project, I wanted to explore and show how the design mindset, models and techniques can be instrumental in the creation of a game that takes an additional step away from pure entertainment and encourages constructive reflection on a topic, in this case ‘solitude and loneliness’.

How have you chosen to address this task?

I have researched, designed, prototyped and tested a game for the android platform. By using design and game development methodology in concert, I wanted to create a game that harnessed the intrinsic motivational power of games and the experimental and exploratory nature of design.

Why has this been important to you?

I see game design as a cultural platform with a lot of untapped potential and I believe that an influx of talent and creativity from other design fields can help unlock that potential. Games, like many media before them, have matured to a point where they’ve graduated from entertainment. Games have begun to examine and reflect reality back at us in a way that no other medium has done before. That sounds like something that’s worth being a part of.

Who will especially benefit from your project?

Without taking into account the potential effect of this prototype on the target group, as a completed game later down the line, the project itself will hopefully stand as an example of the value of exploring other, related fields in order to gain insight and add new tools to the design process.

By actualizing the design and testing it, I hope to set a precedent and combat the troubling, and seemingly prevalent attitude in the academic field that design is somehow separated (or even separable) from implementation, or that design is somehow more academic when speculative and theoretical.

How could the project be developed further in the future?

I intend to develop this prototype into a more complete beta version at a later date. Based on the response to that version during testing, I might decide to develop it further into a complete game and release it to the world. Most of all, I want to take the process that I have developed in this project with me, build on it and strengthen it as I go.