Maria Nordtveit

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What do you want to achieve through your project?

I want my project to inspire reflection and curiosity about the topic of aggression, and I also wanted to explore what aggression is and what it could be. It is a long-term goal for reflection on this topic to result in debate about the position we want to allow aggression to occupy in our society.

What has the process been like?

Frankly, it has been a long and demanding process. It is a new experience for me to work with design in the manner used in my master’s project, where I do not solve a problem, but rather ask questions. And it also took me a long time to arrive at the conclusion that I could approach the assignment in this way. I have taken on a complex topic, and this complexity is what I hope to stimulate my audience to reflect on. For this reason, it felt right to ask questions for the audience to consider, rather than presenting a defined point of view.

How have you chosen to carry out your assignment?

I have answered my research question by creating a fictitious brand that manufactures products that regulate our aggression, based on the scenario ’What if we could control our own aggression?’. The brand and products will be presented as completely commercial. In this way, I want to invite the audience into a world where this brand and its products actually exist.

Who will benefit most from this project?

I think the question is rather who will profit from my project. The project expects something from the audience, it is not straightforward. In order to get as much out of the project as possible, you should probably spend some time on it, and it also helps if you have a curious disposition and like to analyse things. It has not been important to me that it should necessarily benefit anybody directly, nor that it should be easy to understand.