Gerd Tinglum


The master’s programme in design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design is an interdisciplinary programme in which candidates work on practical and theoretical issues.

The students are encouraged to engage in interdisciplinary work and to develop complex approaches to theory and practice in the design discipline. The student’s self-defined project forms the core of the master’s programme, which they work with for a period of two years. It is required of the students that they achieve a deeper understanding of their own work, and contribute to innovation and development of the design field.

KHiB’s aims to educate designers who are knowledgeable, creative, critical and reflective, who are aware of the choices they make, and are familiar with the design discipline and the challenges of today.

The Master’s Degree Show in Design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design in 2016 features the work of a highly international group. The exhibition does not have a common title, but the exhibitors share an explorative approach to what design can be today.

The diversity of the works can be seen as the consequence of some of the challenges and complex problems that we face in the world today. Topics like globalisation, the environmental crisis, the huge flow of refugees, the economic crisis and resource crisis form the backdrop to several of the projects.

Today’s design uses a wide spectrum of expressions and approaches, stemming from very different designer roles: critical design, interaction design, giving things form, emotional design, relational design and strategic design, to name just a few. Design based on the view that ’ beautiful things work better’ is shown alongside design that can contribute to creating conditions for freedom, or inquiers about what freedom means.

This year, the results of the student’s research will be exhibited in Bergen’s old prison, Bergen Gamle Fengsel.

I wish them all the best for the future!